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August 9, 2006 at 12:51 am (family, this and that)

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August 8, 2006 at 4:27 am (friends, this and that)

The weekend at Ilka’s was fun :) I was welcomed with coffee and cake [which you can never turn down ;)] and then we prepared some stuff for dinner and waited for her other friends to join us for the party ;)It was only 6 of us [all girls] but it was fun :)



Don’t get me started on all the “bad” food that I had over the weekend… cake, pizza, nachos, m&ms… topped with ice-cream on sunday evening. I need to take a break of eating. I feel like I’ve eaten enough for the rest of the year. It was so good though :)
The girls stayed until midnight and then Ilka and I hung out on the couch and talked about girls’ stuff… then we went to bed and slept like babies until noon. We both must have been really tired ;) Then we had a yummy breakfast and went back on the couch… isn’t this how you’re supposed to spend a Sunday afternoon?!

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Another birthday…

August 5, 2006 at 2:45 am (friends, my so-called life, this and that)


Today is my dear friend Ilka’s birthday. She’s turning… [just as old as she feels] today! I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie, and I can’t wait to be there and celebrate with you :) I am so happy and thankful to call you my friend and you only deserve the best.

So, I am going to Ilka’s tonight. I am really looking forward to hanging out with her and celebrate her birthday. I vividly remember last year’s party in the salon with all the Xanga girls. That was fun! Even though it’s not going to be an as big of party this year, I am sure we’ll have a blast.
Even though I feel stuck in Germany, I am thankful that I am here for all these special times with my friends. They really mean a lot to me and it just keeps me from hiding in my room contemplating on when they will finally grant me entrance to the United States to live with my honey. It’s just starting to become ridiculous. I’ve been waiting here for over 6 months now. Everyone is totally baffled when I tell them that you can’t just book a flight and go to the US with your hubby once you’re married. It might seem to be the logical thing to do, but Immigration thwarts you. It’s a huge pile of papers and bureaucracy… and requires a whole lot of patience.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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August 4, 2006 at 3:49 am (SPF, this and that)


1. Your Spices


Well, these would be my Mom’s spices again… since I am still stuck in Germany and can’t take a picture of the really pretty spice rack that we have in our apartment in LA. I love my Mom’s spice cabinet, because you can almost find anything in there that you need for fun cooking :)

2. Salt and Pepper


Well… I really thought about this one for a while and didn’t really know what to do about this second assignment… I hope you like what I came up with ;)

3. Add a little spice to your picture.


This is the result of playing around with one of my recent pictures [showing me and my friend Annie] and the link that Kristine posted. I do have photoshop, but I wanted to try this out ;)

So, did you PLAY???

One thing I need to talk about is: We’ll have a Subway in my town soon. I would never have thought that we would get a place like that in my town [since it’s pretty small and I’ve only seen Subway in the big cities in Germany]… but I’ve seen the signs up and it will be opened soon! This is so great! If they would mind opening a Starbucks here, too?! ;)

The last few days were pretty busy… I was tutoring again for two hours a day and then we went to a birthday on Wednesday night, paid a visit to my great-aunt yesterday [my sister and I usually go grocery shopping with her and then stay for some cappuccino afterwards] and last night I went to the movies with my friend Ira. We watched “Pirates of the Caribbean II“. I loved it! Johnny Depp is just awesome as Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s just cracking me up. It’s like this role was just custom-made for him! I am usually always very critical of sequels to movies, but this was a work of art again! [I just wish I could have seen it in English – dubbing just takes so much away].

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Friends in all places

August 2, 2006 at 7:32 am (friends, my so-called life)

The weekend was awesome. It was nice to get out and use all the “free time” that I have and do something meaningful while waiting for the GC.
I took the train to Düsseldorf on Friday afternoon and from there the ICE straight to Berlin. It was a pleasant ride and it was on time :) My friend Gina and her little daugther Lara picked me up at the train station and then we drove back to their house which was about 50 minutes outside of Berlin.
I met her husband Henning and her other little daugther Lotta and we had dinner together. Lara had already lost her shyness and really started to like me which became clear in all her little games that she wanted me to get involved in. She was really adorable.
We stayed up till 1:00 a.m. waiting for out mutual friend Annie [from Stuttgart] to get there.

The next morning we all had breakfast together and then we, the girls, got ready to drive to Downtown Berlin. We were meeting some other girls at the “Route 66”, an American bar near the Kurfürstendamm. It very much reminded me of Jon’s and my favorite breakfast place in Ventura, the Busy Bee,  because they had these cute red leather seats and little jukeboxes at every table.
I met two more of my penfriends there and we really had a fun time. We took a few pictures afterwards. We were quite a bunch of girls :)


 At 4:30 p.m. we had to drive back to Gina’s place, because Henning was having a birthday-BBQ in their backyard this evening. It was really nice out and we had yummy food and some nice cocktails later on… a very good Caipirinha again :) [I think I might fall for this cocktail now!] post-7-1154282579
Ade, Sannie, Annie and Gina

Sunday morning we all slept in and had breakfast around 10:30 a.m.. We hung out at the house for a little longer and then at 2:30 p.m. Annie had to head back to Stuttgart and Henning was so nice to take me back to Berlin and drop me off at my friend Silke’s place in Friedrichhain.

Silke, Volker and I went to play tennis for an hour at a park. Silke and I used to play tennis together in our hometown back in the days and it was great to refresh the memories ;) We had some cold drinks at a Biergarten afterwards and then we went back to their apartment, took showers and went out to dinner at “Die Turnhalle“. It really is the gymnasium of an old Eastern school that was remodelled into a Restaurant-Café-Cocktailbar-Lounge which still has the old parquet flooring and ladders, basketball hoops and a viewing gallery. We sat outside in the Biergarten and had some really yummy food. Unfortunately I didn’t take any picture there.

I had most of Monday to myself, since Silke had to work that day. I got up at 9:00 a.m. and then took the subway to Downtown Berlin. I first visited and walked along the Eastside Gallery, a part of the old Berlin wall.

IMG_3523s IMG_3513s

Then I went to the Brandenburger Tor,


and the Reichstag



and then I met with our dear Ellen from Xanga at Prenzlauer Berg to have some coffee and cake. It was really great to get the chance to meet her and it really felt totally “normal”  to hang out together :) [as you might have noticed: the waiter took the photo and made it all blurry… oh well. Gotta do that again, Ellen!]


I also met with one of the girls from Saturday for some coffee in the later afternoon and then went back to Silke’s place to spend the evening with her. We decided to go to the Badeschiff and enjoy an open air-movie night. We brought some blankets, got something small to eat and a drink and then sat down in comfy canvas chairs to watch “Rize” – a documentary about a dance movement in the ghettos of L.A. It was really worthwhile.

Tuesday morning I took the train back home. It was a really fun time and I hope I will be able see all the girl again :) Distance sucks in many different ways sometimes.

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