March 29, 2006 at 3:26 pm (this and that, wedding stuff)

Ladies and Gentlemen… the wedding invitations are ready to be sent out :) I can’t believe this day finally came. I received a call from the print shop this morning that the prints were actually ready to be picked up and even though I had to pay more than I expected [for some odd reasons], I was really happy that I could finally finish this part of the wedding preparations. I really think the invitations turned out nicely :) I got the package ready which will be send out to Jon’s parents tomorrow [so that they can send out the invitations in the US] and I’ll start giving out the other invitations here in Germany as well. The last three days I was basically busy with addressing the envelopes and helping my sister with more computer stuff… I can’t believe how much time this shit takes. My sister never made a backup of her files, so we’re burning everything on cd’s right now – and I mean, EVERYTHING! We spent two whole evenings on that already! Hey, the good thing is that I get to spend time with Nina and we can do other stuff, too, while the computer is working ;) I must admit that it is really nice to be around her so much… I don’t want to think about the time when I am back in California and all we have is phone and email. She always misses me very much and I miss her, too. I enjoy being around her and do stuff like shopping and hanging out. I really want to use the time that we have until I leave to enjoy her company. It’s funny, because although I am a “family person”, I dare to move so far away knowing that I won’t see my family very often. I guess it’s almost the same as with my friends… even though I can’t see them, they’re always close to my heart. I just wish I never get to the point where it physically hurts me to be away from them so much. Seriously, as a kid I was the most fearful and shy kid you could imagine… I didn’t even want to stay at someone’s birthday party by myself, let alone stay somewhere over night. I don’t know how many times my parents had to take me home or pick me up early. My sister on the other hand was very outgoing and always was my own private guardian. She would always make sure that I am ok, she would ask things for me, if I was too shy to do it myself… my teacher in elementary school even told me in her goodbye letter in 4th grade that I should start standing up for myself and not rely on my sister so much. It’s funny that exactly this shy girl [which would be… ME] ended up traveling the world! :)


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Wedding News

March 14, 2006 at 2:33 pm (this and that, wedding stuff)

Finally the paper for my wedding invitations arrived :) I had been waiting for it for over 2 weeks now… it looks so pretty. It’s uncoated paper with all these small rose petals worked into it. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. I didn’t want to get the whole card printed, so I thought for a long time what I want my wedding invitation to look like. I didn’t mind to put some work into it myself, so I decided on this nice paper,  parchment envelopes [which I folded myself from some pretty paper I found] and two inlays – a parchment inlay with the “wedding anouncement” and a colored inlay with the actual invitation.
I went to the print shop yesterday morning to turn in my layout for the inlays and went back today with the paper for the cards to pick out a colcor for the second inlay. I hope everything will be ready to be sent out soon.

Now that this project is pretty much ‘off my hands’, I can start looking for the next thing to plan… I think it’s going to be the church ceremony. Gosh, as I mentioned before, I don’t know anything about the church ceremony, but after spending some time on the Internet and on a wedding forum, I got a few more ideas what the church ceremony could look like. I am currently looking for potential songs for entering and leaving the chapel… this is hard!
My sister is already so far ahead of me… her invitations are sitting on her desk, just waiting for me to get everything ready and her church ceremony is almost complete [well, not complete, but she has picked out far more than I have already].
I am also trying to keep some kind of order on my desk and in my room, because I have wedding stuff lying around everywhere!!!
My advice: if you ever want to get married, think twice *jk* especially if it looks like all the planning is going to be your job alone! Nah, it’s a lot of fun, too! Don’t let me fool you! ;)

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January 29, 2006 at 3:02 pm (my so-called life, this and that, wedding stuff)

OMG… this was fun! I went gown-shopping with my Mom and my sister on Friday. Nina picked us up at noon and we drove to Düsseldorf. First stop was “HONEYMOON“, a pretty exclusive bridal store. Ahm, yes, and we came without an appointment… big no no! :( [but how should I know – I am pretty new to that business ;)] The lady was pretty nice though and said we could stay. I must admit, it was kind of weird to be in a bridals shop picking out a gown *lol* when I tried on the first gown, it felt a little bit unnatural to wear it, but I quickly got used to the idea :) OMG, the gowns were soooo beautiful and it was so much fun to try them on. I didn’t really know what I would look like in a wedding gown [seriously, you don’t have any idea, until you actually wear one ;)], but I can say, the first dress I tried on was MY dress… you know, I pretty much knew right then that this was exactly what I was looking for :) HA! Since I hadn’t really been  in the wedding-mindset for a while, it was really amazing how all of a sudden, picking out a gown could get me all excited :) I tried three or more other dresses, but I didn’t like them as much or they were pretty but totally NOT for me. I was told, I am a “classic bride”… there you go… plain elegance without much knickknack ;)
Well, have a guess… the dress I liked was of course the most expensive one… 1700 Euro! :( *gasp*
We decided to leave and go to another bridal store [which was not worth talking about] and then drove to Neuss. The lady at this store was really nice and I tried about 5 different dresses there and one was really (!) nice – a little different from the one I instantly fell in love with at the first store, but still very nice.

I was totally overwhelmed when I got home that night and believe me, although you think you’ll definitely remember the exact dresses that you looked at, it’s impossible. When you tried on so many dresses, it’s really hard to remember all the details. I spent the rest of the evening browsing the internet for more ideas regarding gowns, hair styles, invitations, etc. :) I am really getting into it!

Saturday morning, we had an appointment at one of the restaurants were looking at. It’s a really nice place (an old estate… I meant to say “Bauernhof/Gutshof”, but “farm” sounds pretty wrong in this case) which is part of an old town center with cobbled streets and an old archway. Really pretty :)

In the afternoon, Nina, my friend Ira and I went to another very big bridal store, CECILÉ,  near Köln. Fortunately, we had called the day before and could get an appointment for Saturday. It was a really nice place with a little coffee lounge with free drinks and many bridal magazines :) We had some coffee while waiting for the saleslady that was going to help us. It was so exciting :) When she came to get us, she asked if I had an idea of what my wedding gown should look like already and I told her pretty accurately what I was looking for :) She found a dress for me, pretty similar to the one I had first tried on the day before, and Ira instantly loved it :) It looks like we all have the same taste in wedding gowns. I also tried a few more, different dresses which were all very beautiful, but in the end we all agreed on which one we liked best :)
Nina and Ira were so excited about it *lol* and I wish I wouldn’t have had to take it off again… ;)

I am going to go back with my Mom this week and try on the three gowns again that I shortlisted and hopefully I’ll be able to make a decision then :)

Today my Mom and my sister went to another potential restaurant for the wedding and also had a look at the chapel in which we’re going to have the ceremony. Let me tell you… this is all sooo much fun, but also so exhausting! All I am thinking about is the wedding right now… I wake up having lots of thoughts and I am going to bed at night thinking about the things that happened during the day. If I am starting to bug you with all this wedding-talk, please let me know… I can “try” to cut back on it ;)

In the evening, we went out to a belated birthday dinner for my Granddad [his birthday was December, 30]. It was a really nice evening with yummy food :) I love family dinners… it’s always nice to get together and catch up… but now I need to go to bed. It’s pretty late… Good night!

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January 4, 2006 at 1:12 pm (friends, this and that, wedding stuff)

Saturday, December 31st, the last day of 2005 and I was getting married :) Let me tell you, this day was the most surreal day ever… but we had a blast.

Friday night, Dhevan’s Dad Raja had his brother and family visiting. They all stayed over at their house and the next morning we had a very typical Indian breakfast. Samosa (deep fried vegetable pastry) and Dosa (something like tortillas) with Coconut Chutney (like a Coconut-mint dip). It tasted really good (although I don’t think I am going to change my breakfast habits to Indian food ;)).

Then Jon and I took showers and got ready to go to Las Vegas. Dhevan was going to come with us as our witness. We left around 2:45 p.m. and it took us about an hour to get to the courthouse. It was raining and very windy in Las Vegas! First Jon and I had to go the Marriage License Bureau and apply for a marriage license. There were quite a few guys standing outside of the courthouse to advertise for different wedding chapels. It was overwhelming. Inside the courthouse we had to get in line, because there were quite a few couples who signed up for the marriage license. I didn’t expect so many people to be there (already I had read that New Year’s Eve is a popular day to get married in Vegas). Fortunately we didn’t have to wait for too long and after 15 minutes, we had our marriage license. We decided to take one of the guys in front of the courthouse up on his wedding offer and a limousine took us to one of (the many) wedding chapels. On the ride, The Doors were playing on the radio… what a funny coincidence!
Inside the wedding chapel it was really busy. I thought for a slight moment that it hadn’t been a good idea to chose one of the chapels, but that we should have done the civil ceremony at the courthouse, but then I was convinced fairly quickly that I wouldn’t forget that day again :)
There were five different “chapel rooms” to choose from and while we were looking at all of them, an Elvis imitator was singing in one of the chapels. It was so cheesy *LOL*
We decided to go with a a very simple ceremony package (they had different packages to chose from including the one with having Elvis play at your ceremony ;)) and picked a white room with lots of red and white flowers.
While we were waiting, a minister casually introduced himself and said that he would do the ceremony while bustling to the next wedding.
So we waited in the room and then he finally came in, closed the sliding door behind him, started some music and within 5 minutes we had said our vows and were married :) It was over in a blink of an eye… and it felt really surreal… but I must say that saying the vows while looking into each others eyes was definitely very emotional.

A photographer came in to take some photos and while we were waiting for the photo-CD, someone took care of the paper work for us. I was a little bit surprised that we didn’t have to sign anything during the ceremony (that is what I know about civil ceremonies in Germany) and Dhevan, as our witness, also didn’t have to sign anything.

After we received our marriage cerftificate, the limousine took us back to the courthouse where Dhevan left us to go back to Pahrump and we took the car to go to the Venetian, where we had reserved a table at Zeffirino’s Ristorante for dinner.
The restaurant was amazing. We got a table on the “patio” (which of course was still inside the Venetian, but if you have ever been in there, the whole ceiling is created so that it feels like you’re outdoors) and it was totally romantic. We had a four course New Year’s dinner and the food was absolutely fabulous. I had sea bream carpaccio, followed by a salad, N.Y. steak and chocolate cream desert. So yummy :)

After dinner, we walked around inside the Venetian a little more and then decided to drive back to Pahrump. We had reserved a hotel room for that night and we wanted to spend the time by ourselves and celebrate into the new year as newlyweds :)
We watched the amazing Las Vegas fire works on TV and then enjoyed our hotel room and the Jacuzzi.

The next morning, I took another nice bubble bath in the Jacuzzi and then we got ready. We stopped by at Dhevan’s place again to thank his family for their hospitality and then were on our way to Ventura. It took us about 6,5 hours, since there was a lot of traffic and it had started to rain shortly after we crossed the Nevada-California state border. As you might have heard on the news, California is being hit very badly by heavy rains. There is a lot of flooding going on and landslides and debris flows are very likely in certain areas. Fortunately, we made it safely to Ventura.
Jon’s parents were so happy to see us. His Mom hugged me welcomed me to the family :) she is totally excited about the wedding and can’t wait for the ceremony in Germany.
We had a great pasta dinner and then a belated Christmas with exchanging gifts. Jon’s Mom got me a really cute cardigan with a zipper, a necklace with matching earrings and a book [The Sixties chronicles].

Monday morning, Jon and I decided to drive back to Sacramento. In spite of the bad weather, the drive went pretty smoothly. Once we were over the Grapevine, it stopped raining and we actually saw a really beautiful rainbow :)

I did some shopping when we got home and then we got cozy on the couch and watched “Troy” which was a great movie, but it pretty much solidified my conviction that I don’t need Brad Pitt in my movie-world ;) [oh yeah, I hear you all scream with outrage already LOL].

Yesterday was pretty relaxed… we hung around the house and in the afternoon I went for a big shopping trip since our fridge was virtually empty. It was fun to do my shopping routine again :) Aaron and Maria came over for dinner, they had cooked a stir fry with rice and I had made a salad and then we watched NBA Basketball. The Kings lost again… they are not really doing well this season. If you ask me, this is all due to the huge change of players, but it was fun watching anyway.

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