SPF… home edition

August 18, 2006 at 12:59 am (SPF, this and that)



TGIF… time to play :) Kristine had another “challenge” for us this week, namely to take pictures around the house.

1. Your Supplies


These are my supplies on my desk.

2. Your Bag


This is the purse I currently use. I have to say, I really need a new one. I used to have another [fake] black leather purse, but it’s falling apart, so I didn’t want to post it here. I guess I am the only girl without a whole closet of purses from which to choose.

3. Your Mail box


This is our mailbox at my parents’ house. It does look different from the US mailboxes. It has a separate slot for the newspaper and the actual box for the mail can only be accessed with a key. As you can see from the size of it, it’ll actually fit the large envelopes without having to bend them.
Also, in Germany we have mailboxes attached to the house… always. There’s nothing like these “street mailboxes” where the mail for all the houses in the street is delivered. Keep in mind, in Germany mail is delivered by bike! I used to work for the postal service and I always wished I had one of these cool US mail vehicles to deliver the mail LOL

So, did you play?



  1. kim said,

    hun, i hate to say it but you really need a new purse :) also, i was hoping to see lots of INSIDES of purses but i guess i’m the only one to do it that way…

    *BIG SMOOCH* and i can’t wait for youknowwhat ;)

  2. kim said,

    ups and jeah, ‘course i played :)

  3. Debbie said,

    Great shots. Nice supply of pens.

    Have a fab Friday!

  4. Lee said,

    nope I don’t have a closet full of bags either…far from it, I use it until it is unusable…I played!

  5. SuZan said,

    I tend to use a purse untill it falls apart too! Love all your pens (how colorful). Thanks for sharing the info about the mailbox.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. kim said,

    sweety, it’s not THAT ugly but you could certainly do better. but that’s just me = purse-addict to a point where chris told me once i was not allowed to buy one more while he was around… ;)

  7. Lisa said,

    Great story behind the mailboxes. Thanks for sharing!

    You have so many pens- you must be ready for anything. :-)

    Happy SPF and I played too.

  8. Kami said,

    That’s a cool mailbox!

  9. Jenie said,

    That mailbox is cool! And yes! More purses are a must! lol

    Happy SPF! I played too.

  10. Janet said,

    ahhh, our mailbox is in the German tradition, then :-)

    Thanks for visiting!

  11. kate said,

    Cool mailbox I love the seperate newspaper slot!

    I played!

  12. Charmed1 said,

    You aren’t the only one without a closet full of purses… The purse I’m currently carrying is the only purse I have. Thanks for stopping by!!

  13. Teena said,

    What colourful supplies! And such an interesting mailbox!

    I played too :)

  14. kerri said,

    Ooh, I like! this blog. :) But I hope your site is fixed soon! Love the colored pencils.

  15. delaine said,

    Are you an artist? I must come back and see some of your work.

    I like that functional bag and I only have 2 purses.

    That is one awesome mailbox. It’s great that it’s still so personable in Germany. I have the big neighborhood ones we have.

    I played.

  16. lynanne said,

    I’m with you on not having a closet full of purses. Mine is always very functional.
    It was fun to see your story on the mailboxes! Some places in the US still have them next to the front door (especially smaller rural communities) but most have converted to the curbside ones. Oh, and newspaper carriers have gone from putting the newspaper on your front step to throwing it at your house from their car. Very annoying!

    Thanks for visiting my SPF! Good luck on getting your new blog fixed! No wonder I haven’t seen you in my bloglines lately.

  17. Choosy said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Choosy.

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