August 8, 2006 at 4:27 am (friends, this and that)

The weekend at Ilka’s was fun :) I was welcomed with coffee and cake [which you can never turn down ;)] and then we prepared some stuff for dinner and waited for her other friends to join us for the party ;)It was only 6 of us [all girls] but it was fun :)



Don’t get me started on all the “bad” food that I had over the weekend… cake, pizza, nachos, m&ms… topped with ice-cream on sunday evening. I need to take a break of eating. I feel like I’ve eaten enough for the rest of the year. It was so good though :)
The girls stayed until midnight and then Ilka and I hung out on the couch and talked about girls’ stuff… then we went to bed and slept like babies until noon. We both must have been really tired ;) Then we had a yummy breakfast and went back on the couch… isn’t this how you’re supposed to spend a Sunday afternoon?!



  1. Teena said,

    Aren’t girls weekends fun??!! I do them at least once a year.

  2. Janet said,

    the amazing changing color glasses! Still love ’em! Glad you had a great time, too :-)

  3. kristine said,

    Yeah, I wanna come next time!

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