SPF… before I am heading to Berlin

July 28, 2006 at 7:54 am (friends, SPF, this and that)


Kristine gave us another task for this Friday. We are supposed to post pictures of the following:

1. Something Mean looking. IMG_1322s 

Emma is my sister’s cat. She’s the sweetest cat ever and she has never bitten or scratched anyone before. I am going to miss her a lot, so I wanted to take some pictures to take to CA and put on my fridge… and there she is, looking all mean. I don’t believe she agrees with me moving to the States soon.

2. Your weapons


My supercute, thinly-strapped 4″ high heels… I love them and they look awesome, but if you don’t watch out, I could use them to pierce your eyeballs ;)

3. Your Hiding Place


Well, this used to be the place in my old room at my parents’ place where I would sit and talk on the phone or read or watch TV or write letters… or just hide from the world. It was either this couch or my bed. Seems to be a pretty common hiding place if you ask me.

So, I am going to Berlin today. I’ve spontaneously decided a few days ago to get a train ticket [I am still using my Weltmeister Bahncard] and keep my promise to visit my friend Silke who moved to Berlin a few years ago. I’ve known her since we were 3 years old and we went to school together. Since I have two more penfriends there, I am making this a “go and visit your friends”-weekend. I’ll be back on Tuesday. If you don’t hear from me beforehand, you’ll get all the news when I get back. Have a great weekend!



  1. kim said,

    wow, your weapons look scary. i wouldn’t wanna run into you in a dark alley while you’re wearing those ;)

    hun, have a great time in berlin and enjoy meeting your friends. big smooch to you!

    oh and i played, too. :)

  2. Hemlock said,

    Mean kitty… right. And your shoes? Serious business!!! I couldn’t wear those if you paid me. I’m sure I would fall over.

    Hope you have a great weekend!! A ‘visit your friends’ weekend sounds fantastic!

  3. christie said,

    that is one scary kitty…
    I played :)

  4. Lisa said,

    Those are some scary (but cute) weapons!

    Hope you have a great visit this weekend.

    I played too.

  5. SuZan said,

    LMAO…Loved your weapons!

    Emma doesn’t look that mean. :)

    I played.

  6. Army of Mom said,

    I like the hiding place. That is a good one. My 3-year-old didn’t think the kitty was too intimidating. ;) But. those eyes ….

    I played, too.

  7. Teena said,

    My kitty is meaner than yours :)

    I played too!

  8. oddmix said,

    I am suitably frightened of your stillettos.

    Nice SPF! I changed my entry – was not happy withthe second photo.

  9. Lee said,

    I had a cat that looked a lot like Emma…he really was kinda mean though ;) have a safe trip! I played.

  10. Jana said,

    That looks like a cozy hiding place!

    I played!

  11. Susan said,

    Once upon a time I loved shoes like those…nowadays…NO Way! They are so cute though…

    Emma looks to sweet to be mean :)

    I played

  12. kristine said,

    As soon as I moved out my room was converted. I wish I still had all my stuff…*sniff*

    I’m glad you played. Go have fun!!

  13. Torie said,

    Cute weapons.
    I played

  14. mainlinemom said,

    Love the shoes….i thought about using stilettos for my photo.

  15. Suzanne said,

    I like your weapons but they would kill my feet. ;-) I had mean kitty stuff, too. Hee hee. Have a great weekend!

    I played.

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