July 14, 2006 at 4:23 pm (my so-called life, SPF, this and that)

 Well, you would think “Who would come up with THAT?”… well, Kristine did out of a strange mood of being a married woman now and she’s serious about it. This is her only SPF task this week.
So, this might be kind of weird, but I am posting a photo of my feet… luckily, I kind of like my feet, so I don’t care too much.


Now I want to know… DID YOU PLAY?


When Jon and I move back to Germany eventually, I want to live in Köln. I love that city. My uncle Reinhard and my aunt Lisa live there and as a kid I already thought that was so cool :)
On Tuesday, my uncle had called me and asked if I would like to come and spend some time with them in Köln… so I met with my aunt in Downtown Köln yesterday morning and we spent the day in the city. We went window-shopping, bought some small things here and there and had some iced coffee in a small street café.

In the afternoon, we went back to their place. They live in a very old building on the top floor right under the roof. The apartment is just awesome. It has a little gallery right under the roof and a lot of roof beams dividing the living room. Plus, they have a nice little roof-deck. When my uncle came home from work, we had some drinks outside and waited for my sister who came to join us for dinner.

I wish I had brought my camera. I usually take my camera everywhere I go, but this time I had left it at home because the batteries needed to be recharged. Damn it. We sat outside till midnight. The view of the moon was amazing :) I am a moon-person – there is not one night that I don’t pay attention to the moon [ha, unless I can’t see it because of clouds or something like that]. We had a waning moon and we started talking about the lunar phases and why you can only see certain parts of the moon. This is so fascinating.

I stayed over night. In the morning we had breakfast together and then I went downtown again to meet with my parents who came to Köln for some shopping as well. I needed a new suitcase. A big one – and I mean, REALLY big. Since I am practically emigrating to CA [at least for the time being], I have to take quite some stuff with me and since the airlines allow rather two heavy suitcases, then giving you a weight limit, I have to try to squeeze as much as I can into two bags. It’s ridiculous, but that’s the airline’s policy… and suitcases are f***ing expensive. Luckily I found a nice bargain. Since I don’t plan to use that suitcase for regular travels, just for that one-time move, I went for it. So here’s the monster… do you like it? ;)




  1. lynanne said,

    Awww, such cute feet, I’m jealous! I love the toy ring. I cant wear toe rings because my toes are so long and narrow that it looks ridiculous.

    I played (reluctantly)

  2. Lee said,

    cool toe ring…the moon was incredible here too early in the week, sounds like you had fun!

  3. Teena said,

    Luv the black ‘n white shot :)

    I played too :)

  4. Suzanne R said,

    Pretty feet — lucky you! I especially like the toe ring!

    Happy SPF!

    I played.

  5. Kami said,

    Well see, you have NICE feet. Not I.

  6. kristine said,

    diggin the toe ring and Roxy flip flops!!

  7. M&Co. said,

    Love the toe ring!

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