One night to go…

May 14, 2006 at 3:33 pm (this and that)

Jon will arrive at Düsseldorf airport tomorrow morning. I can’t believe it… 4 months of waiting are almost over! The last week was so hectic, because I had sooo many things to take care of.

Wednesday I had an appointment at the cosmetician in the morning and then my cousin Nicole picked me up to go to Düsseldorf. We went shopping for maternity clothes, I wanted to look for some underwear for the wedding and then we had coffee with one of her friends. My Dad picked me up in the afternoon and we went to a jewelry store where I finally (!) picked out our wedding rings :)

Thursday, I had two tutoring lessons in the afternoon and then I had some more things to take care of… like translating our buffet list into English! Let me tell you, translating menu items into a different language is so hard! I hope that Jon or his parents will have a look at it and tell me if anything sounds really odd… *lol*

Friday we went to the Bridal store with my sister for the dress fitting. It was the first time in 3 months that my sister saw and tried on her dress again and she looked beautiful! :)
Later we went to Mönchengladbach  to do some more shopping… we looked for underwear, stockings and accessoires for the wedding.

Saturday morning, I worked for my cosmetician for a couple of hours a then at 12:30 p.m. met with some girls from my former tennis team. They had a competition that afternoon and had asked me if I could play one match for them. God, I hadn’t played in almost a year – just one hour with my Dad two weeks ago – and it was a disaster *lol* I really got a caning, but it was fun anyways ;)

In the evening I met with Nina and Ira and we went to Cologne to have a somewhat “bachelorette party”. We had  dinner at a Mexican restaurant, Taco Loco, in Cologne. We had Nachos and Fajitas and it was soooo delicious… I love Mexican Food. At the restaurant there were at least three bachelorette parties going on… I was so happy and thankful that Nina and Ira didn’t think of any stupid games for me to play… I just wanted to have a fun night with the both of them :) We decided to have some cocktails later… I had a Caipirinha and a White Russian and I have to admit, I was tipsy… but in a funny way ;) 


 Today [Monday] I went to Siegen to see Ilka and try some more hair styles… I arrived at 11:45 a.m., we had breakfast together and a nice talk and then Ilka dyed my hair, put some highlights in and tried another hair style on me :) [Thank you hun!]… I think I have found my wedding hair-do :)
I drove back at 6 p.m., cleaned up my room and did some last minute organizational stuff…

I am ready for Jon to get here :) :)


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