Wedding News

March 14, 2006 at 2:33 pm (this and that, wedding stuff)

Finally the paper for my wedding invitations arrived :) I had been waiting for it for over 2 weeks now… it looks so pretty. It’s uncoated paper with all these small rose petals worked into it. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. I didn’t want to get the whole card printed, so I thought for a long time what I want my wedding invitation to look like. I didn’t mind to put some work into it myself, so I decided on this nice paper,  parchment envelopes [which I folded myself from some pretty paper I found] and two inlays – a parchment inlay with the “wedding anouncement” and a colored inlay with the actual invitation.
I went to the print shop yesterday morning to turn in my layout for the inlays and went back today with the paper for the cards to pick out a colcor for the second inlay. I hope everything will be ready to be sent out soon.

Now that this project is pretty much ‘off my hands’, I can start looking for the next thing to plan… I think it’s going to be the church ceremony. Gosh, as I mentioned before, I don’t know anything about the church ceremony, but after spending some time on the Internet and on a wedding forum, I got a few more ideas what the church ceremony could look like. I am currently looking for potential songs for entering and leaving the chapel… this is hard!
My sister is already so far ahead of me… her invitations are sitting on her desk, just waiting for me to get everything ready and her church ceremony is almost complete [well, not complete, but she has picked out far more than I have already].
I am also trying to keep some kind of order on my desk and in my room, because I have wedding stuff lying around everywhere!!!
My advice: if you ever want to get married, think twice *jk* especially if it looks like all the planning is going to be your job alone! Nah, it’s a lot of fun, too! Don’t let me fool you! ;)


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