November 24, 2005 at 6:33 pm (my so-called life)

today is “turkey day” and I just wish I could be in Ventura with Jon and his family. I remember last year when we had this really delicious turkey roast and watched a movie later. It was so much fun. It has become a special holiday for me and I am kind of sad I am not really celebrating it this year…. [it’s fun to live a cross-cultural relationship and have double the holidays per year,both the german and american ones. Too bad you won’t get both holidays off from work ;)] I miss Jon even more these days.

I went to see my great-aunt today. She’s always so happy when I come to visit. We had some cappuccino and “Spekulatius“, one of my favorite christmas-time cookies.
Hopefully, I won’t get sick… many people [including my sister] came down with a cold and I hope I will be untroubled by the flu this year. It started raining here today and it’s pretty cold – that’s when usually everybody gets some kind of infection. So keep warm and drink lots of tea or hot milk with honey!


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